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Georgia Rule

Two-time Oscarô winner Jane Fonda, Golden Globe winner Felicity Huffman and acclaimed actress Lindsay Lohan star in Georgia Rule, a Gary Marshall film.

Georgia Rule is the lively, inspiring tale of three generations of women finding that the ties that bind are stronger than the tests of time.

In the Georgia Rule movie, uncontrollable Rachel (Lohan) pushes mother Lily (Huffman) beyond her limits when she wrecks a car. Fed up with Rachel's wild ways, Lily decides to put a stop to them the only way she knows how - by turning Rachel over to her grandmother Georgia (Fonda).

Georgia is not your typical doting grandmother. She lives by a strict moral code and is unwavering in her demand that anyone living with her do the same. Thrust into a prison of her own making, Rachel, who believes that rules are made to be broken, quickly learns that Georgia's rules are not.

One look at the Georgia Rule trailer and you'll see why Georgia Rule movie critics are raving about this heartwarming story of the power of love, compassion and forgiveness. The stellar Georgia Rule cast, under the direction of Gary Marshall, brings this story to life.

Universal Pictures brings the Gary Marshall film Georgia Rule to the big screen. Marshall, along with Oscar-nominated writer Mark Andrus and hit producers James G. and David C. Robinson are the masterminds behind Georgia Rule.

Georgia Rule opens in theaters on May 11. Check out the Georgia Rule movie trailer to see why critics are buzzing about Georgia Rule. Download Georgia Rule wallpapers, photos and icons.

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