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Georgia Rule, Georgia Rule trailer

Georgia Rule Official Movie Trailer, Film Clips, TV Spots

Jane Fonda, Felicity Huffman and Lindsay Lohan deliver wonderful performances in the dark comedy Georgia Rule, a Gary Marshall film.

In Georgia Rule, Rachel (Lohan) is a teenaged firecracker. Determined to live her life by a break all the rules motto, Rachel sends mom Lily (Huffman) over the edge to do the unthinkable.

Lily vowed never to return to mother Georgia's (Fonda) Idaho farm. But when she reaches her limit with Rachel's wild ways, Lily breaks the promise she made to herself and returns to her strict mom.

Georgia Rule title character, Georgia lives by a strict moral code. She is unbending in her demands that anyone living in her home live by the same moral and ethical standards. When Rachel and Lily come to her a rocky but hilarious journey through the past where buried secrets resurface bringing with them new revelations into the family history.

By the end of the Georgia Rule movie, Rachel, Lily and Georgia have learned that love, compassion and forgiveness mold strong family bonds that can't be broken.

See the Georgia Rule movie trailer now to get a taste of the Georgia Rule characters at work.

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